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Tanz der Vampire
Tanz der Vampire is one of the most successful musicals in Europe. It first opened in Vienna, Austria in 1997, making it originally a German language production. It instantly became a huge success and moved on to play in various countries such as Germany, Hungary, Russia, Japan and France. An adaptation with significant changes from the original show was also brought to Broadway under the name of Dance of the Vampires, however, the drastic changes led to the show's failure. To find out more about Tanz der Vampire please visit the About page.

This fanlisting was last updated on 05th December 2021. There are currently 22 Tanz der Vampire / Dance of the Vampires fans from 13 countries listed and 3 fans waiting to be listed with the next update. Give a warm welcome to our newest member(s), Leah.

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