Graf von Krolock
Graf von Krolock (Count von Krolock) was turned into a vampire around 1617. The exact date is unknown, but he mentions killing his first victim in 1617 in Die unstillbare Gier, when he still thought he could fight his instincts. He is a tall, dark and intimidating but elegant and handsome man. He rules over the pack of vampires living at his castle and is father to a son, Herbert. Picture shows Steve Barton as Graf von Krolock (Vienna).

Sarah Chagal is a beautiful young redhead, just shy of 18 years old. She is a free spirit but feels controlled by her father, Chagal and caught between the safety of her own home, what Alfred can offer her and the mysterious, exciting new world Graf von Krolock promises to show her. She is a smart, sassy and adventurous young lady who struggles to turn from a girl to a woman. Picture shows Amélie Dobler as Sarah (Berlin).

Alfred is a young student and assistant to Professor Abronsius. He is shy and innocent but sweet and willing to fight for his dreams - and for Sarah. Alfred's responsibilities don't include scientific work only, he also assissts the professor in other areas, such as helping him get dressed and carrying their equipment. His strengths are - as the Professor puts it - in theoretical knowledge, not practical doing. Alfred's transformation is an important and large part of the storyline. Picture shows Pásztor Ádám as Alfred (Budapest).

Professor Abronsius
Professor Abronsius is a whimsical old man who is determined to prove his theories on the existence of vampires. He is well aware of the fact that no one in the village is being honest with him and Alfred and is determined to find out what they are trying to keep a secret. His obsession with his studies sometimes makes him a little oblivious to the things that are going on around him. Picture shows Jens Janke as Professor Abronsius (Stuttgart).

Herbert von Krolock
Herbert, Count von Krolock's flamboyant gay son, lays his eyes on Alfred the moment he first sees him. Herbert's playful and fun nature are very different from his father's seriousness, however, they seem to be close to each other and make a good team. Herbert loves fancy clothes and likes to goof around. Picture shows Kirill Gordeev as Herbert (St Petersburg).

Yoine Chagal is Sarah's father and owner of the inn Hotel am Platz (Hotel on the Square). He is very protective of his daughter, especially because he suspects that Count von Krolock is trying to take his daughter away from him. He is also rather interested in the chambermaid Magda, rather than his own wife, Rebecca. Picture shows Konstantin Kitanin as Chagal (St Petersburg).

Magda is a maid at the Hotel am Platz. She tries to avoid Chagal's advances but after his death realizes that he wasn't so bad after all. After being turned into a vampire by Chagal she ends up spending her vampire life with him. Picture shows Melanie Ortner as Magda (Vienna).

Rebecca Chagal is Chagal's wife and Sarah's mother. She knows about her husband's unfaithfulness but stands by his side nonetheless. After her daughter runs away and her husband is killed trying to save her, Rebecca is suddenly left alone at the inn. Picture shows Heike Wiltrud Schmitz as Rebecca (Oberhausen).

Koukol is Count von Krolock's servant - a strange hunchback with ugly feet and teeth. He speaks almost incoherently and visits the town to take care of the Count's business. Unlike the vampires, Koukol is able to be in the sunlight. Picture shows Stefan Büdenbender as Koukol (Berlin).

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